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COVID 19 – New Updates

Safari Info Jan 02, 2021 Sironka Tours & Safaris Limited

No one can really prepare for a global crisis like what we are currently facing with the COVID-19 virus. It has been fast spreading and even in Tanzania, but we have prepared ourselves for…

Kilimanjaro Preparation

Best time to Climb Kilimanjaro

Safari Info Feb 01, 2020 Sironka Tours & Safaris Limited

It is possible to trek Kilimanjaro all-year-round. However, certain months are characterised by colder weather, more rain and potentially loads of snow on the summit.In this article we…

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Serengeti voted Africa’s best Safari Park

Safari Info Jan 02, 2019 Sironka Tours & Safaris Limited

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania came out as the clear winner of the best safari park on the African continent, in a poll of 139 safari animal parks. The ranking comes from online…

Safaris in Tanzania

Experience East Africa’s Annual Great Migration

Safari Info Aug 15, 2018 Sironka Tours & Safaris Limited

Every year, millions of zebra, wildebeest and other antelope migrate across the mighty plains of East Africa in search of better grazing. This annual pilgrimage is known as the Great…

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6 Things to Know and Prepare for Tanzania Safari

Safari Info Aug 15, 2018 Sironka Tours & Safaris Limited

In this article I share 11 tips and advice on how to prepare for and get the most of a safari to Tanzania based on my experience.1. Best Time To GoWhile much of the year is suitable there…